XII Encuentro científico sobre introducción a la resolución estructural mediante difracción de Rayos X

Os informamos de la duodécima edición del curso de Rayos X que se viene impartiendo desde 2009, patrocinado el Bruker, JIQ y la RSEQ. Este año se va a celebrar los días 10, 11 y 12 de febrero en la Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, concretamente en la sede Antonio Machado de Baeza. La inscripción contempla precios especiales para la gente que pertenezca al JIQ y a la RSEQ, incluyendo 3 noches de hotel, comida y demás.
Más información en el link del curso: http://bit.ly/2Fqlwcz

The II Julio Palacios International Symposium. Synergies in the Biosciences

The creation of this Chair by the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) in 2015 involves the double goal of highlighting the figure of the scientist and humanist Julio Palacios (1891-1970) and improving the science visibility in Spain, from bottom to top, in order to specially emphasize and maintain the scientific vocation for our young people. This Chair is also involved with the divulgation of scientific activities—of academic and current research content—for the better understanding and involvement of science in our society - in modern research fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry and medicine.
You can find more information, including the conference program, in this link.

Research Initiation Fellowships at IMDEA

Following these objectives, IMDEA Materials Institute launches this call for the recruitment of young university undergraduates and MSc students who wish to carry out a three month long research internship (between June and September 2018) in an international and multidisciplinary environment under the supervision of a senior scientist.

The topics for this call are (candidates must select and rank up to three research topics that they are interested in):
1. Design and development of high performance fire-retardant polymers and nanocomposites (Dr Wang)
2. Multiscale characterization of advanced materials (Dr Sket)
3. Processing, design, testing and simulation of advanced composites (Dr González & Dr Lopes)
4. Bio-inspired materials for hybrid optoelectronics (Dr Costa)
5. Nanoscale Engineering of 2 Dimensional Electrode Materials (Dr Etacheri)
6. Nanomechanical Study of Electrode Materials (Dr Molina & Dr Etacheri)
7. Real time X-ray imaging of metal microstructure formation and evolution (Dr Tourret & Dr Sket)
8. Computational simulation of powder-bed additive manufacturing of metals. (Dr Romero & Dr Tourret)
9. Energy storage in low dimensional nanocarbon networks (Dr Vilatela)
10. Advanced multiphase steels with hierarchic microstructure for automotive applications (Dr Sabirov)

More information about the fellowships, and how to apply can be found in this link

Summer School 2018 on Biomolecular Simulations, June 18-22, 2018. Pula (Italy)

The summer school will include lectures and hands-on sessions on the following topics:
  • Molecular Dynamics simulations
  • Biomolecular Docking
  • QM/MM
  • Free energy calculations
  • Advanced sampling methods (metadynamics)
During the hands-on computer practicals you will work on a use case integrating the various topics above making use, among others, of the BioExcel flagship software (GROMACS, HADDOCK, PMX, CPMD). We have a limited number of travel grants available for this event.

Full details and registration here, and at https://bioexcel.eu/events/summerschool-2018/

ISQBP President's Meeting. Barcelona, 19-21 June 2018

The ISQBP President’s meeting is held every two years acting as a meeting point for the community working on molecular simulations of biomolecular systems. We are happy to organize the 2018 edition in Barcelona. From June 19th to 21st we will enjoy exciting talks for leading scientist in the field, a relaxed, friendly and lively scientific environment, a medieval age venue located in the historical downtown and the most beautiful city in the world. You cannot miss it. Join us in Barcelona!
Check all the information here.