One-day Symposium on Computational Chemical Biology honoring Ken Houk

One-day symposium on Computational Chemical Biology on Friday, April 22nd 2016 in Logroño to honor Ken Houk (check out his webpage here) on ocassion of his visit to Unirioja. It will be a great oportunity for networking and enjoying science, experiences and friendship!
Students are strongly encouraged to bring posters for a meet&greet session with Ken and our terrific lineup of speakers
Registration is FREE !!! (limited seats available, e-mail me asap!)

here for more info

Ken Houk (Winstein Chair in Organic Chemistry, UCLA) is one of the most prominent and productive scientists all around the world. His group has decisively contributed to the birth and spreading of a new scientific field, Computational Chemistry. Ranging from Physical Organic Chemistry to Enzyme Catalysis and Photovoltaic Materials, the Houk lab uses cutting-edge programs and supercomputers to solve fundamental questions about chemical structure and reactivity in close collaboration to experimentalists. He has published more than 1,000 papers and has received countless awards and honors (a more detailed biography is available here).