Chemoselective protein modification reactions for the next generation of therapeutic bioconjugates

PhD works at the interface between synthetic organic/bio-organic Chemistry and Molecular Biology within the Department of Chemistry at University of La Rioja in Logroño, Spain.
More information about the host group here.
or contact by email with the host supervisor, Dr. Francisco Corzana
This project focuses on the design of a new generation of anti- MUC1 antibodies with high affinity and selectivity for MUC1 glycopeptides found in cancer cells. Site-selective chemical incorporation of both dyes and drugs, using cutting edge methodology, will be performed to detect tumours and to generate a new class of antibodies to be used in drug delivery to tumour sites.

How to Apply:
Send the following documents via e-mail to the above-mentioned supervisor:
• Clearly indicate the project you are applying for by referring to the Reference code of this job offer
• Letter of motivation (research interests, reasons for applying to this program and project, respectively)
• A complete CV
• Certified copies of University Diploma or Master certificates
• Proof of intermediate or higher level in English language
• Two letters of recommendation from previous supervisors

Applications can be submitted as soon as possible, and can be finalized at any time, but necessarily before February 2016