A PhD position is available at CIC bioGUNE/CIC biomaGUNE

A PhD position is available as a collaborative project between the groups of Aitor Hierro (Membrane Trafficking Lab at CIC bioGUNE) and Aitziber L. Cortajarena (Biomolecular Nanotechnology Lab at CIC biomaGUNE). This project aims at Re-engineering bacterial effectors for biotechnological applications.

The thesis project will be focused on the design of peptide epitope tags as a useful toolkit for affinity capture, rewiring intracellular signaling pathways, scaffolding of complex systems, protein immobilization for functional materials and sensors.
Please send an application with a motivation letter, your CV and the contact information of two referees before November 30th 2016 to rrhh@cicbiomagune.es, indicating “Reference 329- PhD_Student” in the e-mail subject.
More information here.