Se ha abierto el plazo para la presentación de candidaturas en la “II Convocatoria Nacional del Grupo Especializado de Química Biológica de la RSEQ a Jóvenes Líderes de Grupos de Investigación”. Podrán participar aquellos investigadores jóvenes que desarrollen su trabajando en el ámbito de la Química Biológica en cualquier centro de investigación español y que sean socios del GEQB en el momento de presentar su candidatura. A continuación pueden descargarse las bases de la convocatoria.
El plazo de presentación de candidaturas es hasta el 18 de noviembre de 2016.
As Arthur Kornberg said, “Much of life can be understood in rational terms if expressed in the language of chemistry. It is an international language, a language for all of time, and a language that explains where we came from, what we are, and where the physical world will allow us to go”. Chemical Biology is not anymore just a buzzword, but has become an established field of research at the frontier between Chemistry and Biology that seeks a deep molecular understanding of biological phenomena, aiming to the application of that knowledge for the advance of chemical sciences.

In 1964 a US National Academy of Sciences committee, unable to find a unifying description, defined chemistry as “the research activities of chemistry departments in this country”. Much in the same way, Chemical Biology is a rich and diverse field that defies a closed definition and that constantly grows, as new tools and approaches open new research venues.

From the development of new bioconjugation methods for the selective modification of biomolecules, bringing the power of modern catalytic methods into the creation of bioactive species with extended properties, to the design of new sensing strategies that allow the visualization of hidden phenomena, including the application of the rich properties of biological molecules, protein and nucleic acids, outside their realm and into materials science or nanotechnology, Chemical Biology will be without any doubt at the core of the greatest advances in chemical–and biological–sciences.